Jetpack-Piloting Daredevil Flies over Dublin Bridge


DUBLIN, Ireland, March 10 (UPI) — A jetpack-flying daredevil baffled and thrilled onlookers in Dublin, Ireland with a 28-second flight over the River Liffey’s Ha’penny Bridge.

JetPackMan, aka U.S. daredevil Nick Macomber, was caught on camera by surprised onlookers flying high over the river for 28 seconds Wednesday and landing on a pontoon boat.

Macomber revealed the stunt was part of a promotion for Samsung‘s new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones, which will be available in Britain starting Friday.

The stuntman’s flying device, which runs on hydrogen peroxide, was created by a company called Jetpack International.

Macomber told he became involved in flying the company’s jetpacks because he was  “dumb enough to fly it and smart enough to figure it out.”

“We’re developing a new piece of technology that could change the world and could give flight to a lot more people,” he said.