High-Profile Buzzfeed Employee Attacked On Twitter Over Trump Tattoo


High-profile BuzzFeed employee Tim Treadstone, better known by stage name Baked Alaska, received attacks and threats on Twitter this weekend after posting a picture of his new Donald Trump tattoo.


The tattoo features an outline of Trump’s profile with the legend “Make America Great Again”. Shortly after posting the picture, Treadstone was overwhelmed by angry Twitter users.

(“kys” stands for “kill yourself”)


(“Pull up” is a slang term for meeting up to fight.)

Treadstone, a social media strategist, recently came out in support of Trump, despite working at America’s most liberal media company.

He is not thought to be taking the implied threats seriously, but in an interview with Breitbart this weekend, Treadstone pointed to the violent-sounding rhetoric the political Left often deploys, referring specifically to recent protests at the Republican frontrunners’ rallies, where police cars have been destroyed and Trump supporters beaten.


Loyal followers of Treadstone praised his ink tribute to The Donald as “sticking to principle,” calling him names like “Madman” — a compliment online.



Treadstone told Breitbart he believes supporting Trump is the new punk rock. “Ninety per cent of the media make it cool to hate Trump,” he said. “Who are the underdogs? Who’s part of the counterculture? It’s the Trump supporters. We’re fighting the establishment.”


Treadstone says his original intentions were “silly,” but that the points he’s made still stand: “Trump supporters need to challenge the status quo.”

He told Breitbart that his tattoo was “a win for free speech,” and encouraged others to “be bold and be heard.”

When asked whether or not he’s worried about the threats made against him, Treadstone said no, he’s “more concerned for society after seeing people disown [him] for his beliefs.”

Buzzfeed’s press office did not return a request for comment.

Remington Hernandez is a journalist and voiceover artists who tweets as @TheDailyRem


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