Mexican Congresswoman Wants to Ban Internet Memes


Donald Trump wants a wall to stop illegal immigrants crossing the US/Mexican border, but one Mexican official wants a firewall to stop Pepe the Frog.

Well, not a firewall, but a fine. PRI party congresswoman Martha Orta Rodriguez wants any Mexican citizen who creates or disseminates internet memes to be arrested and slapped with a US$2000 penalty.

The congresswoman, who represents a district in Mexico that has over 2 million people living in poverty, said her proposed meme-ban would “deter violence or harassment [on] social networks” by preventing the spread of “harmful” or “humiliating” images.

Mexican netizens responded by taking to Twitter, sharing dozens of Photoshopped images of the politician on the #Ladymemes hashtag, including several comparing her to Jabba the Hutt from the Star Wars franchise.

As Milo recently explained, control of Meme Magic is vitally important in 21st-century elections. Sure, Rodriguez says she just wants to stop internet humiliation campaigns (good job so far!), but maybe that’s just what she wants us to believe.

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