University of Kansas Student Kidnapped After Tinder Date

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A student at the University of Kansas was allegedly kidnapped, beaten, and held hostage for six days in a trailer after a Tinder date.

The student was met by 30-year old Shane Allen who picked her up from her student accommodation on April 12. The pair had met once before, according to court documents.

Allen allegedly kept the woman, who remains anonymous, captive for six days in his trailer, where he reportedly beat her, leaving bruises all over her body and with burst blood vessels in both her eyes.

Students at the university were shaken by the crime. “[Tinder] is very popular, a lot of people use it, especially on campus because that’s how you meet people and see what’s going around,” said freshman Allison Moore.

“I would say I am shocked but I am honestly not. Just because Tinder is not a place where you know where the person is living or what they are into,” said Junior Kike Lomoojo.

“I think people forget about stranger danger and you feel like you know someone because you talk to them on Tinder, but they are still a stranger,” another student added.

Allen is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail, with his first court hearing on Wednesday.

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