Make Computer Programming Great Again with ‘TrumpScript’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump’s bid to become president of the United States has led to the invention of ‘TrumpScript,’ a variation of the Python programming language.

The project’s stated mission is to create “a language based upon the illustrious Donald Trump. As the undeniably best presidential candidate in the 2016 language, we found that the current field of programming languages does not include any that Trump’s glorious golden combover would approve of.”

“TrumpScript is our solution to this. It’s the programming language Trump would approve of,” it continues. “Just like he is making America great again, we hope our efforts will make programming great again.”

Among the features listed for the programming language, “All numbers must be strictly greater than 1 million. The small stuff is inconsequential to us.” It also states that TrumpScript “will automatically correct Forbes’ $4.5B to $10B.”

Meanwhile, if the computer running the language is manufactured in either China or Mexico, TrumpScript will not work, as “we don’t want them stealing our American technological secrets.” The features also state that “There are no import statements allowed. All code has to be home-grown and American made.”

In the case of TrumpScript, all programs must end with the words “America is great.”

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