Black Pro-Life Speaker called a ‘F*cking Piece of Sh*t’ by Harvard Students

AP Photo/John Bazemore
AP Photo/John Bazemore

African-American pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger was aggressively shouted down and called a “f*cking piece of shit” during a lecture event about abortion in black communities that took place in late April at Harvard Law School.

According to Bomberger, what was intended to be a ten minute Q&A turned into an hour of students shouting insults at the speaker. “Most of the time I couldn’t respond to everything going on,” Bomberger said. “Students cursed and yelled at me repeatedly, especially an LGBT activist who called me a ‘f*cking piece of sh*t’. Some students called me (and I’m trying not to laugh) a ‘racist’ and stated that ‘I hate black people.’”

Most of the students took issue with Bomberger’s publicizing of the fact that more African-American babies are aborted than born in New York City. Because of the anger in response to this, Bomberger claims that most of the Harvard students didn’t wait to be called on, and instead chose to shout out over each other. Despite the chaos, he claims he remained calm and addressed the student’s arguments individually.

“The goal was to introduce truth into fact-free ‘safe spaces,’” Bomberger said. “I had hoped that students would leave disturbed about the social injustice of abortion. I challenged them to investigate the thoroughly documented evidence I presented and come to fully informed decisions themselves.”

Bomberger shared his personal story of being conceived in rape and how that has shaped his perspective about the value of all human life. He spoke about the hostility he has faced for his pro-life position and criticized modern academia for misunderstanding its purpose in challenging students to think about all perspectives.

“Much of academia is ironically, and dangerously, intolerant,” Bomberger said. “If ‘education is power,’ miseducation is just as, if not more, powerful. Universities have become bastions of singular distorted perspectives and efforts to force assimilation. Fact have no place in spaces reserved solely for feelings.”

“The insecurity of college administrators and some of today’s students manifests itself in sovereign little limited-speech nations that are in direct contrast with the land of the free and home of the brave which birthed them,” he said. “Too many forget that we have a free speech zone, and it spans from coast to coast across this great country.”

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