Journalist Arrested Whilst Filming Milo Protesters At DePaul University


In the aftermath of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul on Tuesday night, one arrest was  made.

However, it was not the person who threatened live on stage to punch Milo in the face, nor was it any of the other protesters who outside who were pushing and shoving peaceful supporters of Milo. It was, in fact, Jeremy Segal, better known as RebelPundit, who tweeted out that he was arrested for “filming a rabid, fascist mob.”

It is unclear exactly what reason the police had to arrest Mr Segal – it is not against the law to film people in a public space, and it is unlikely that he would have not co-operated with the police or been abusive to them, given the nature of his work.

So far, none of the protesters have themselves been taken into custody, despite the fact that during Milo’s talk, it was announced that the police would arrest anyone still on stage when they arrived, and the protesters refused to move.

Campus security was not effective at the talk either, even though the College Republicans were forced to pay almost $2,000 for 15 guards, a price that Breitbart News had to partly fund in order to keep the event going.

Jack Hadfield is a student at the University of Warwick and a regular contributor to Breitbart Tech. You can follow him on Twitter here: @ToryBastard_.


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