Anti-White and Anti-Asian Male Comments Force Shutdown Of Claremont ‘Women Of Color’ Facebook Group


A private Facebook group for “women of color” at the five Claremont colleges in the U.S has voluntarily shut down after the campus newspaper Claremont Independent obtained screenshots showing its members denigrating white people, white males and Asian males.

According to the Claremont Independent, one student wrote in the group “I just need to get this out. I hate having white parents so much.”

In response, a black female student advised the poster to tell her father that his “pale ass is worthless” and to talk about his “receding hairline” and “small penis.”

Another ethnic minority in the group revealed that her parents had a “white person voice” that they use “when they want to make fun of white Americans.”

The user later added a caveat to her post by saying it’s OK to “make fun of white Americans” because “white people created #colonialism so i’m not mad.”

Other users in the group complained that they felt afraid to take certain courses (Entrepreneurial Ventures and politics) because the presence of so many white people in the classrooms made them feel afraid.

Entrepreneurial Ventures, said one, would be full of “white business bros,” while another confessed she was “kinda scared” to take a politics course because it was a space “typically dominated by white men.” She also fretted that a class taught by a “conservative” person of color “raised a red flag.”

The Claremont Women Of Color weren’t just fearful and angry at white people though — Asian males on campus were apparently a source of anxiety for the group too.

“Asian boys [are] a social issue” wrote one user, to which another concurred “esp [especially] the nerdy ones who can just hide in their tech caves”

Kristine Lee, a staff member at the Pomona College Asian American Resource Center, who according to The Claremond Independent sits on the “Production” and “Mental Health” committees (which are supposed to deal with the problems of both female and male Asians on campus) reportedly said the following:

“F*ck your masculinity whiny Asian cis bros this is why I only hang out with femmes.”

Lee later doubled down in a comment to the Claremont Independent:

As a feminine gay Asian woman,” Kristine Lee told the Independent, “I’m not interested in surrounding myself with the kind of possessive, toxic masculinity exhibited by the type of Asian American men we were discussing in the post.

So, as American campuses go, it seems Claremont is typical. The real question is, with Facebook reportedly cracking down on “hate speech,” why didn’t the social network shut down the group themselves? Surely they can’t be politically biased? 

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