Meet the Creepy Synthetic Dog That Will Revolutionize Veterinary Training


A life-like synthetic dog is currently being developed by scientists for the use of medical training and practice for veterinary workers.

The creepy looking dog, which looks as if it has been skinned, will be used as a replacement to the old days of terminal surgery, where actual animals would be anesthetized, used for surgery practice for everything from “neutering to brain surgery,” and then euthanized when finished.

“I do feel I carry that sin. I still feel guilty about it,” said veterinarian and Vice President of SynDaver Lab, David Danielson.

The lab has produced a variety of different synthetic tissues, including human, and is now working hard on an array of training varieties for their synthetic dog, which includes features such as a real-time heartbeat and a circulatory system which allows the dog to bleed.

“SynDaver Canine is our revolutionary canine surgical simulator. Based on 20+ years of SynDaver research and made from water, fibers and salts, this model includes individual bones, muscles, organs, veins and arteries” explains their website. “The model supports 30+ common procedures and is basically like a large 3D jigsaw puzzle and may be refurbished indefinitely”.

Each canine will cost around $28,500, with around twenty models set to be donated across the globe to various veterinary colleges. SynDaver is also working on a number of full-scale human models for surgery training purposes that have the ability to lose limbs.