SJWs Want Oxford Chancellor To Resign Because He Disagrees With Diversity Quotas

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Left-wing activists at the University of Oxford are demanding that the Chancellor, Chris Patten, step down after he pointed out that diversity quotas clash with the university’s commitment to meritocracy.

Patten told Britain’s Daily Telegraph last month that he disagreed with diversity requirements. “I don’t support quotas at universities” said Patten. “Nobody will explain to me how you can make a system of quotas work while retaining the highest admissions standards.”

The Telegraph initially misreported the story, claiming the Chancellor had said Oxford “cannot accept more ethnic minority students without eroding standards,” creating the false impression that Patten was claiming that minorities themselves, rather than quotas, were dragging down standards. The article was later corrected following a complaint from the university.

Nonetheless, SJWs on campus still want him gone.

According to the Cherwell, an independent Oxford student newspaper, 74 student government leaders from the university’s colleges have signed an open letter calling on Patten to “give a full apology” or step down.

One student at St. John’s College told the paper that he would settle for nothing less than resignation. “‘Visible action’ – as far as I am concerned is a resignation. There’s no excuse for the continued racial insensitivity which is being promoted by the very top of this University. Change must happen – Patten must go.”

Patten responded to students’ concerns by pointing out that his views had been misrepresented. “Your concerns appear to be based on a misleading headline and news article in the Daily Telegraph” said Patten.

So far, campus activists in the UK. have not seen the kind of successes of their counterparts in the US, where campus leftwingers have forced the resignations of multiple University officials, including the President of the University of Missouri.

The UK’s National Union of Students is currently facing a wave of disaffiliations as charges of anti-semitism continue to circle its President, Malia Bouattia. Activists at the University of Oxford have already been foiled once this year, after efforts to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College fell flat following alumni protestations.

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