Latino Students Outraged After Teacher Supervises Construction of ‘Trump Wall’ at North Carolina School


A prank involving the construction of a “Trump Wall” by students at a North Carolina High School has left Latino students outraged as classmates boasted on Instagram that they “built the wall first.”

The group of 30 students at McDowell High School in North Carolina built the wall out of boxes and with the supervision of a teacher at the school.

They were also told they were not allowed to use a Donald Trump campaign logo by the school’s principal before the wall was taken down last Thursday.

However, after the incident the principal, Edwin Spivey, met with two Latino students who were upset by the wall.

“Because it hurts a lot of people’s feelings. They don’t really know what people go through to get where they are right now. And some people are privileged to have so much stuff, but some people don’t,” Latino student Marta Guardian told Western North Carolina News.

Another student, Johnny Campos, who is president of the Hispanic Youth Club in the area said that the meeting was “very productive” and needed for everyone in the class “to begin to repair relationships.”

“I want the Class of 2016 to be known for building bridges for a better tomorrow – not judged by the insensitive actions of a few people,” he added.

A school district spokesman has confirmed the that the students will not face disciplinary action.

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