Trump’s Advisers Concerned He Could Reveal VP on Twitter Before Convention

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Advisers to presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump are concerned he could announce his running mate on his Twitter account without warning.

Trump is known to be an enthusiastic user of the social media platform, with a following of over 8.77 million users.

According to a Bloomberg report, his closest advisers believe that he might choose to use the site for his announcement in an attempt to further shock the political class, rather than announcing officially at the Republican National Convention.

Talking to Bloomberg, Trump said he had narrowed the list down to “four or five candidates,” although he added he’d “like to give it the old fashioned way.”

Chris Christie, Ben Carson, John Kasich, and Nikki Haley are currently the bookmakers’ favourites for the position.

Trump has previously been caught up in storms surrounding his use of the site, including retweeting a photo comparing his wife Melania with Ted Cruz’s spouse Heidi.

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