Pamela Geller And ‘Stop Islamization Of America’ Reinstated On Facebook Following Breitbart Story

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan
AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

Despite initially saying they would suspend her for 30 days, Facebook has restored the account of Islam critic Pamela Geller and her group, “Stop Islamization Of America” following multiple stories from Breitbart Tech and across the media drawing attention to the social network’s double standards and history of liberal bias.

Facebook’s clampdown on the prominent critic of Islam, who has faced death threats from ISIS over her outspoken criticism of the religion, began shortly after the murderous Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida over the weekend.

It started with the suspension of her 50,000-strong Facebook group, “Stop Islamization Of America,” over alleged “hateful content.” The group had previously operated, without complaint from Facebook, since 2010.

A few hours later, Geller’s own account received a 30-day suspension after she criticised President Obama for his response to the shootings in Orlando.

Now, both Geller and her “Stop Islamization Of America” group have had their privileges restored on Facebook. In a post on her website, Geller thanked her supporters for putting pressure on the social network.

You spoke — you wrote, emailed, called, and YOU succeeded in getting my page and my privileges back. THANK YOU and thank Breitbart for raising a ruckus. Communicating and sharing information is the key to building an army of Davids to defeat the enormous enemedia myths and lies. Each one of my readers is a one-man media organization educating those in your sphere of influence. This is a war on freedom of speech in the age of jihad and sharia. And Facebook is key.

In an email to Geller, Facebook claimed their actions were a “mistake.”



Facebook has been dogged by accusations of anti-conservative bias this year, particularly since a series of internal leaks last month showed the company was artificially suppressing news stories of interest to conservatives on its “trending news” list. The recent attempts to deny a platform to Geller, one of the most prominent critics of Islam in the United States, so soon after the Orlando shootings, will only add to Facebok’s growing reputation for bias.

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