Feminist Blames Toddler Alligator Death On ‘White Entitlement’


After the tragic death of a toddler, who was pulled into the water by an alligator at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, a prominent social media feminist took to the internet to blame the incident on “white entitlement.”


A prominent feminist who goes by “Brienne of Snarth” on social media announced her apathy towards the toddler who tragically died at the hands of a Floridian alligator on June 14. “Brienne” claimed that she wasn’t upset by the tragic incident because of her frustration with “white men’s entitlement.”

Although she quickly deleted the tweet and privatized her social media accounts, screenshots of the tweet has circulated on social media. Although Brienne’s remark was overwhelmingly criticized, some Twitter users defended her. Twitter user @trillburne, who has a sizable audience of nearly 8,000 followers, claimed that Brienne’s only “crime was being specific.”

Surprisingly, Brienne wasn’t the only person to make the toddler’s tragic death about race.


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