Father Creates App That Notifies Parents If They Lock Their Child in the Car

AJ Mast / AP Images for Dorel Juvenile Group
AJ Mast / AP Images for Dorel Juvenile Group

A father from Kansas has created an app that notifies parents if they accidentally lock their child in the car.

The app uses a pressure sensor device that parents can attach to a child’s car seat, sending an alarm sound to the parent’s phone should they lock and leave the car with their child still in the seat. A temperature monitor is also included in the device to notify parents if the car is too hot for a child.

“I hope it saves lives. That’s the main purpose, too many tragedies,” said the inventor, Bob Steffen, to KCTV5. “[The] weight sensor goes into car seat, it will work on any car seat; senses weight above 6 pounds… This is the actual car seat monitor, controls everything.”

All of the data recorded by the device is sent back into a handy GUI on the parent’s smartphone that allows users to monitor the movement of your child, whether they have managed to get out of their seat, the temperature of that area, and whether you accidentally leave them in the car.

Text message and email alerts can also be customised, sending an extra alert or alarm to multiple applications and devices, as well as the ability to set up multiple car seat monitors if you have multiple children.

The sensor device is currently available for $80 and the respective app is available for free on both the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

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