Bud Light Disables YouTube Ratings, Comments for Gender Pay Gap Ad After Backlash


YouTube comments and ratings had to be turned off for Bud Light’s gender pay gap-themed commercial after it received an extremely negative response.

The advert features stoner comedian Seth Rogen and feminist icon Amy Schumer sitting in a bar and claiming women are paid less than men. Schumer also claims that women have to pay more money for things such as cars, dry-cleaning, and shampoo.

“Women don’t get paid as much as men and that is wrong,” complains Rogen in the bizarre advert. “And we have to pay more for the same stuff,” adds Schumer. “What?” replies a shocked Rogen, mirroring practically every viewer’s response to the factless claim.

“Yeah. Cars, dry-cleaning, shampoo,” claims Schumer, prompting Rogen to say, “You pay more, but get paid less? That is double wrong!” whilst Schumer lifts her hands in agreement. “I’m calling everyone I know, and I’m telling them about this, this has got to stop!” concludes Rogen whilst Schumer announces, “Bud Light proudly supports equal pay. That’s why Bud Light costs the same, no matter whether you’re a dude or a lady.”


The ratings and user comments on the video have been disabled, leaving users wishing to inform Bud Light on their lack of knowledge about the pay gap myth to find other places to leave their feedback.

“Hey @budlight. That’s cool that you support equality, but you know the wage gap has been disproven multiple times right?” wrote one user in a tweet. “This would be funny if the wage gap was real,” posted another.

“These are all luxury goods. Am I allowed to complain that I pay more for my computer parts than normies?” asked one user on Reddit, pointing out the absurdity of the claim that cars cost more for women than they do for men.

“O.M.G.! They just delivered my Prada from the dry cleaners and it costed more than for my husband’s jacket! I hope Hillary wins and liberates us from this horrible oppression!” joked another.

Schumer and Rogen have been extremely vocal about their political views in the past, with Schumer acting as a vocal proponent of gun control. Schumer, who has frequently posed nude and made jokes about herself being a slut, also reached infamy in January after she publicly humiliated a seventeen-year-old fan for joining in with the comedien’s signature slut joke.

Seth Rogen, who is an active Hillary Clinton supporter, has also expressed his political opinions in public before, most notably when he posted “Fuck you @realBenCarson” on Twitter last year.

Though the like-to-dislike counter on Bud Light’s commercial was eventually disabled after the video was rated with over 3,500 dislikes and just 136 likes, users have taken to Bud Light’s other videos to display their frustration with the company’s spread of misinformation.

Bud Light’s “Memorial Day” commercial, which featured Seth Rogen’s voice yet failed to make any reference as to what Memorial Day was for, received nearly 100 dislikes as opposed to the video’s 16 likes. Their “Weddings” commercial received nearly 600 dislikes as opposed to 676 likes as of writing, and Bud Light’s Mexican “Chelada Fire” commercial was rated with nearly another 100 dislikes, receiving a total of only three likes.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.


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