Rock Band ‘Wavves’ Ban Defenders of Police, #AllLivesMatter, and Trump Supporters from Concerts

Twitter / @wavves

Popular indie rock band Wavves released a statement earlier today banning supporters of the police, #AllLivesMatter, and Trump voters from any of their future concerts.

“I don’t want everyone at my shows to be a clone of each other. However in light of the constant rape, murder, racism, homophobia, and misogyny that goes on seemingly every day I feel the need to make clear who I personally make music for, and who I don’t,” wrote Wavves in a statement posted to their Twitter and Instagram accounts earlier this evening.

1) if youve ever said or supported #alllivesmatter youre not welcome at a wavves show.

2) if youve gone out of your way to defend police in america youre not welcome at a wavves show

3) if youve ever even thought a victim of rape had it coming bc she was dressed a certain way, or was ‘too intoxicated’ youre not welcome at a wavves show

4) if you harbor resentment towards the homosexual community in any way – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

5) if you are white and use racial slurs, on the internet, in person, to friends, to enemies – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

6) if you support donald trump – bc this is basically 3 or 4 of the afformentioned topics – you are not welcome at a wavves show.

nobody is perfect (including myself), but just know I dont want or need fans who dont get this. In fact id rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate. people are suffering every day and the way i see it you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

The statement has created controversy among the Wavves fanbase and community, with several fans claiming that they now feel alienated by the band, and no longer feel welcome listening to their music.

“After seeing @wavves’ most recent Instagram posts, I’ve completely lost any respect I may have had for him,” wrote one music reviewer in a post on Twitter.

“good. you can f**k off,” replied the band’s account.

“i too, enjoy alienating fans of my work because of petty politics. real integrity is sh**ting on your fans,” commented one user in a post. “extremely valid. As a Wavves fan, (& NOT a Trump supporter btw) I feel shat on. Petty is the perfect word,” added another.

Numerous other celebrities and journalists applauded Wavves statement, including musician Danny Duke, comedian Ian Karmel, and Huffington Post journalist John Taylor.

Breitbart Tech has reached out for comment to the various record labels and management platforms associated with Wavves and will continue to update this story if we receive a reply.

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