Troll So Hard: Trump-Pence Campaign Logo Gets Critics Talking About The Donald’s Penis, Again


Whatever Donald Trump does, it seems he’s sending a subliminal message about virile masculine dominance. Or at least that’s how some people on Twitter see it.

After announcing his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the Trump campaign released a new logo, a “T” intertwined with a “P.” A perfectly logical choice, some might say. But Twitter users are pointing out that it looks suspiciously as if the “T” is in fact penetrating the “P” — which, I suppose it can’t be denied, it is.

As a result, social media is now deluged with dick jokes.


When rumors surfaced yesterday of Trump selecting Pence as his running mate, some long-term supporters of the presumptive nominee worried that the selection of a traditional conservative like Pence would dilute his unique message. Perhaps this logo will offer some reassurance about who is in charge.

As for the die-hard Trump haters, instead of scrutinizing the track record of Trump’s new running mate, they’re now discussing dicks. Again.

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