Double Standards: Leslie Jones’ Racist Twitter History


It was Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones’s reporting of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos to Twitter that appears to have finally given them the cover to do something they’ve long yearned for: permanently ban Milo from Twitter.

In an email sent from Twitter to Milo, the site said it had “permanently suspended” his account due to “repeated violation of Twitter rules, specifically our rules prohibiting participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals.”

Jones, meanwhile, has repeatedly made derogatory comments about white people:

She also retweeted a comparison of Milo as the “Uncle Tom of Gay people,” before claiming that her account was hacked and that she was not responsible for the retweet.

Others tweets include her her telling a black woman she was “sick” of black people who didn’t favour her casting in the Ghostbusters reboot, after the woman suggested a different actress would have been better suited to the role, poking fun at Jewish people, and claiming black Republican’s are an “oxymoron.”

Jones also violated Twitter’s policy against targeted harassment, directly ordering her followers to mob another user. This is the same policy that Twitter says Milo violated, despite the fact that the Breitbart editor never told his followers to attack Jones.

Jones confirmed she was “leaving” Twitter on Monday evening but has not deleted her account.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey then tweeted at Jones asking her to send him a private message. Milo has since been removed.

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