Donald Trump Tops Every Poll on ‘Sanders for America’ Twitter Account

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has topped every single poll from a Twitter account dedicated to Bernie Sanders.

In a series of polls undertaken by the Twitter account Sanders for America, Donald Trump consistently outperformed all other candidates, including Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein.

Perhaps the most staggering was a two way poll between Clinton and Trump, with Trump leading by 91% to Hillary’s 9%, although this is subject to change.

This is despite Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton on the grounds that “Donald Trump must be defeated.”

Another poll run by the account asked followers the best name for Hillary Clinton, with the options being “Crooked Lyin’ Hillary,” “Corporate Murderer Hill,” “Slick Traitor Hillary,” and “Monsanto Sachs Clinton.”

Although it cannot be confirmed how many of the poll respondents are Sanders supporters, other, more scientific polls do show a trend that may prove deeply uncomfortable for the Democrats; that over 25% of Sanders supporters could vote for Donald Trump in November, with many also refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton.

It follows a fraught Democratic National Convention which was marred by protests, with hundreds of Sanders delegates walking out of the convention at what they claim was a rigged election.

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