Artist Covers ‘Offensive’ Clinton Painting with Niqab After Being Suspended by Instagram


An Australian street artist has covered his mural of a bikini-clad Hillary Clinton with a Muslim niqab after the work was deemed “offensive” and his Instagram account was terminated.

The artist, who goes by the name of Lushsux, was also issued with a fine from the local council after they deemed the graffiti as “offensive.”

“We believe that this mural is offensive because of the depiction of a near-naked woman, not on the basis of disrespect to Hillary Clinton, and it is not in keeping with our stance on gender equity,” said the council’s chief executive, Stephen Wall, in a statement, “We contacted Victoria police to provide their opinion on the matter, and they deemed the mural to be offensive and in contravention of the Graffiti Prevention Act 2007, which council is responsible for enforcing.”

After the council forced Lushsux to remove the painting, the artist decided to paint over the depiction of Clinton with a black niqab, along with the words, “If this Muslim woman offends you, ur a bigot, racist, sexist, Islamophobe”.

“This is no longer a wall of a supposed ‘offensive and near naked’ Hillary Clinton, a beautiful Muslim woman,” posted Lushsux in an update on his Twitter account, along with a picture of the new and revised art piece.

Lushsux also decided to censor his other political satire murals, stating, “Decided to censor my work now as not to cause any offence.”

Though Lushsux’s Instagram appears to have now been restored, it is currently set to private.

The council has not publicly responded to Lushsux’s revision of the original mural.

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