Iran Bans ‘Pokemon Go’ over ‘Security Concerns’

Pokemon Go gaming app has sparked a global frenzy since its launch in July 2016 as users hunt for virtual cartoon characters overlaid on real-world locations using augmented reality technology

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iranians are no longer allowed to catch Pikachus after authorities decided to ban the “Pokemon Go” mobile game because of security concerns.

The Monday report by the semi-official ISNA news agency quotes Abolhasan Firouzabadi, the head of Iran’s Supreme Council of Virtual Space as saying that the game is “not appropriate” because of concerns over its use of “location-based virtual reality technology.”

Firouzabadi said that any such game or application would need to get permission from the country’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

Since the game was introduced, it had not been accessible in Iran without using VPNs or proxies. It’s usage among Iranians has also been limited by the country’s low-speed internet service.


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