Volunteer For Zoe Quinn’s Twitter-Partnered ‘Anti-Harassment’ Organization Accused Of Sexual Harassment

The number of monthly active Twitter users edged up to 313 million, up three percent from a year ago and only slightly more than the 310 million in the past quarter

A male feminist deeply involved in Zoe Quinn’s Twitter-partnered “anti-harassment” organization, Crash Override Network, has been accused of harassing, stalking, and abusing female victims, in a series of tweets and leaked chat logs from the organization’s supporters.

Robert Marmolejo, who is reported to have helped manage Crash Override’s social media accounts, allegedly used his position and connections to abuse around twenty women online. Ghostbusters producer Amy Pascal bought the rights to create a movie based on the Crash Override organization last year, after the media made Zoe Quinn’s battle with GamerGate into a national issue. However it is unknown as to whether the movie will still be produced.

Self-proclaimed pedophile, Sarah Nyberg was also active in Crash Override’s chat, according to logs that were released on the web earlier this week. Crash Override have not contested the legitimacy of the logs.

A former member of the group confirmed that the logs were accurate. They also confirmed that Marmolejo had a privileged position in the group.

“I don’t know whether he was [a social media manager] or who had access to social media accounts apart from Zoe and Alex [Lifschitz], but he definitely had privileged access to information and dox [personal information] of the women who came looking for help” said the source. “[Crash Override] operated a semi-anonymous chat channel  as a sort of counselling room for people who needed advice. Members of CON would pop in under anonymous accounts to offer support.”

Besides being funded by Feminist Frequency, a Twitter  “Trust and Safety Council” member, Crash Override has also been described as an “official Twitter partner” and “official Twitter trusted safety resource.” Breitbart Tech have reached out to both Crash Override and Twitter to ask whether any sensitive data could have been provided to the accused abuser through their partnership, but we have yet to receive any reply.

Marmolejo, who was previously an active anti-GamerGate activist, and had repeatedly labelled conservative actor Adam Baldwin, and YouTubers TotalBiscuit and Sargon of Akkad as “misogynistic”, “sexist”, and “anti-woman,” deactivated his Twitter account after a series of apologetic tweets confessing to having “f**ed up.”

Anti-GamerGate web developer, “Internet Abuse Specialist”, and feminist Izzy Galvez, who also happened to have been a member of the secret Crash Override group, tweeted on Saturday to confirm the allegations.

“If you’re catching up: Over 20 women have come forward & revealed that Rob/UnseenPerfidy had sexually harassed them over DMs, Skype, etc” announced Galvez.

“Some of this abuse goes back for years. For those of us who weren’t abused, we learned he lied to us about his relationship w/ his victims… I’m speechless. This whole thing is so upsetting and gross. Please believe women and please support his victims. I’m devastated… Also, even though each victim’s voice is enough, Rob admitted to the abuse before deactivating his accounts. So there’s that…”

Galvez also claimed to have cut all ties to Marmolejo after he learned of the first victim, posting “I immediately cut off all ties with Rob when I was only aware of one victim. To see the number keep rising (now 20+) has been gut-wrenching.”

Why Galvez, or any other members of Crash Override, decided not to warn potential victims or make a statement about Marmolejo after learning of his alleged harassment is unknown, but Galvez’s tweet reveals that he was aware of the allegations against Marmolejo for some time before going public.

Marmolejo appears to have confessed to wrongdoing shortly before deactivating his Twitter account, posting “TFW you do something really f***ed up and there’s no way to make amends. I’m truly and deeply sorry. There’s nothing I can do to make things right, but I’m sorry I f***ed up tremendously.” He did not confess to any specific allegations.

Anti-GamerGate icon and self-proclaimed pedophile, Sarah Nyberg, who also appeared in the group’s leaked chat logs was exposed last year after leaked logs from Nyberg’s forum were released, showing her open obsession for her eight-year-old cousin.

In the leaked forum logs, Nyberg also revealed her sexual fantasies for other young children, admitted to hosting and owning pictures of “pre-teen models”, and shared her plans to photograph and groom her underage cousin. The addition of Nyberg in the Crash Override group means that at least two alleged sexual predators have been involved in the organization.

Movie producer and disgraced ex-Sony chairman, Amy Pascal, is set to be producing a movie based on the overrated, and quite frankly non-existent, Crash Override Network, after purchasing the rights from Zoe Quinn last year.

The movie would no doubt be a feminist-themed flick like her recently produced movie, Ghostbusters, but it is currently unknown as to whether it will now happen, or who she will cast as the “anti-harassment” group’s two resident alleged sex offenders. Will the plot include the part where an alleged twenty women were sexually harassed due to the alleged negligence of the movie’s hero Zoe Quinn, or will Pascal opt to gloss over certain aspects of the organization’s history?

It’s entirely possible that Crash Override has inadvertently caused more harassment than prevented, with members Sarah Nyberg and Rob Marmolejo, who are now both dogged by allegations of sexual impropriety, being given access to the information as well as a position of power over potential victims.

Meanwhile, the actual “anti-harassment” organization, which is financially backed by Anita Sarkeesian’s Feminist Frequency and “partnered” with Twitter, consists of nothing more than just an email “hotline,” a handful of internet safety guidesand a verified Twitter account that hasn’t been updated since April.

Ghostbusters made it evident that Pascal’s feminist fan fiction is neither popular nor profitable, and it is doubtful that a movie based on an anti-harassment organization staffed by an alleged sexual harasser and a self-proclaimed pedophile will be approved by any other executives at Sony.

The alleged leaked chat logs also contained numerous references to Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos, with members discussing a Crash Override “card” based on him, as well as tactics to take Yiannopoulos down. It is unknown as to what information was contained on the “card.”

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