Hated Pharma Exec Martin Shkreli: ‘I Believe Hillary Clinton Has Parkinson’s Disease’

Mark Makela/Getty Images

Former Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO Martin Shkreli believes Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton may have early onset Parkinson’s disease.

“I believe Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. Her symptomology is consistent with early onset Parkinson’s. She has freezing gait, dyskinesia, on-off symptomology,” expressed Shkreli during a recent Periscope livestream.

“I actually don’t think she had a stroke, because if she had a stroke we would see serious neurological defects,” he explained. “People with stroke have, as you know, cardinal symptoms like slurred speech or a difficulty walking… They require post-stroke physical therapy to recover, so I think that in essence, what’s happened is that she has Parkinson’s disease.”

“I think she had an embolism, had the clot dissolved, she probably had some kind of concussion, [though] concussions aren’t responsible for this kind of symptomology,” he continued. “I’m not a physician, I’m not a neurologist, but I have been in pharmaceuticals for fifteen years. I actually funded many different Parkinson’s disease medicines, so I know a lot about this area…”

“I do think Hillary is hiding these issues from us. I don’t think that these issues are problematic, at all, I think that she should be proud of being sixty-eight. Most people who are sixty-eight are sick,” Shkreli stated. “They have something wrong with them, that’s why being old is what it is. The fact that she’s in ‘perfect health’, to me, is absurd. You can look at these videos and see she needs help up a flight of stairs. What symptomology is that? That’s a disease. What accounts for that? I think it’s Parkinson’s.”



Shkreli went on to address the rumor surrounding Clinton’s aide who has been spotted close to her during every public appearance.

“I can’t make a diagnosis, obviously, but I think she’s being dishonest with her health… I do find it very unusual that there’s this big guy, who basically seems like a bodyguard, but he seems like more than a bodyguard,” he mused. “I have bodyguards, they don’t talk to me like that. He seems like a health professional.”



In a follow-up livestream, Shkreli reiterated his statement, saying: “My job for many years now has been health. I think I know a lot about the health world and I think there’s something wrong with her, and she’s not telling us… Why are we trusting her doctor? You know, why can’t there just be an independent medical examination?”

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