Google to Boost Sites That Don’t Use Pop-Up Ads

Google logo is seen on a wall at the entrance of the Google offices in Brussels on February 5, 2014.

Google is fighting back against one of the longest-running annoyances on the internet – pop-up ads.

Google is implementing a new search algorithm soon which will favour websites that provide information more clearly and without the use of annoying pop up ads in order to make the search experience easier for their users. Changes to Google’s search algorithm have been taking effect over the last year, with Google boosting the search rankings of “mobile friendly” sites and sites that used encryption. This latest action is another step in streamlining the Internet search process.

The latest batch of changes to Google’s algorithm are expected to go live beginning January 10th, from then on sites that are not “easily accessible” will begin to lower in Googles rankings. Google is not taking a hardline stance against ads entirely, websites that use banner ads for example will retain their place in the rankings, Google is mainly focusing on websites that force an ad to the front of the page, blocking out the content behind it and forcing users to interact with the ad. Google will also lower the rankings of websites that use a large advertisement to immediately obscure the page, a common method seen on many mobile based websites.

Google will make an exception for certain types of pop-ups; those that require users to provide their age for instance will not be affected, and banner ads that take up a “reasonable amount” of screen space are allowed.

Many developers may be upset about Google’s latest decision and believe it is not the place of the search engine to dictate what content is and is not acceptable, however given the goal of the algorithm change — to clean up internet search results — most will see this change as a logical one.

Lucas Nolan is a conservative who regularly contributes articles on censorship and free speech to Breitbart. Follow him on Twitter@LucasNolan_ or email him at