‘Stop F*cking Clapping!’ DePauw Protesters Scream At Supportive Crowd

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Student protesters at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana, shouted down and condemned students who applauded their recent protest at the university’s recent annual “community dialogue” event.

Protest leaders shouted, “stop f*cking clapping!”after students began to applaud their efforts to shut down a recent community dialogue event that took place on Wednesday. Student Penelope Ramirez condemned the audience: “This is not a show, do not clap for us, that’s patronizing.”

According to the DePauw student newspaper, protesters also shouted at a student photographer who chose to document their protest. Although they asked him to stop taking pictures of their demonstration, he refused. The report claims that the protesters weren’t satisfied with his response and confronted the photographer for resisting.

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You can read more about the incident from the DePauw student newspaper below:

First-year Justin Collado posted a #DearDePauw message on his Facebook page after the keynote ended. “We are here, as a community to make a change and see a difference on this campus. We will not be looked as a joke,” Collado wrote.

Senior Justine Clark said she understood the thoughts behind hosting a demonstration during DePauw Dialogue, but wanted to recognize that DePauw Dialogue was first proposed as an action by students. “It feels like we asked for something and didn’t even give it time to pilot it. We haven’t given it time to take affect,” Clark said.

Following the breakout sessions, demonstrators regrouped at the Greene Center for Performing Arts at 11:30 a.m. before marching across campus. The group chanted as they walked through the buildings serving lunch to DePauw Dialogue attendees.

The demonstrators started at the Neal Fieldhouse before heading to the Percy L. Julian Science and Mathematics Center and finally the temporary dining hall located in the Inn at DePauw.

Demonstrators held signs and chanted“No peace no, justice” and “Ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people don’t stop.”

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