University Students Selling Social Justice Clothing Line Blasting Whites, Police


Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have rolled out the sale of hoodies with the slogan “All White People Are Racist,” as well as hoodies that appear to encourage violence against police.

The shirts are currently being sold for $30 on the website Etsy, whose lead model is sporting a red hoody with the words “All White People Are Racist” emblazoned across it.

The product description states: “Racism is a set of systemic, institutional, cultural, and epistemological (although not limited to said forms) structures that inherently empowers white folk and in turn disempowers people of color.”

“White folk or those who see themselves as white are given said power inherently regardless of socioeconomic class, education etc. This is why white men created race in the first place–to maintain power,” it continues.

Some of the other slogans available on the hoodies include:

  • If I Encounter Another Cop With A God Complex I’m Going To Have To Show The World That They Are Human
  • Attention! Black men: if you’re talking about dismantling a system, you better include patriarchy
  • You can’t be a revolutionary and homophobic

**UPDATE** A spokesperson for the University of Wisconsin-Madison reached out to Breitbart Tech with the following statement:

The clothing shown in these Facebook posts is not produced nor endorsed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In this case, the individuals involved are exercising their rights to free speech and engaging in a private activity unrelated to their status as students.

UW-Madison is dedicated to promoting a campus environment where all people feel valued, safe and able to thrive. To that end, we encourage all of our community members to elevate their level of discourse and engage in discussion over vital issues in ways that promote greater understanding and respect for all persons.

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