Black Lives Matter Protesters at UC Irvine Claim ‘Blue Lives Don’t Matter’


Black Lives Matter protestors at UC Irvine were seen holding signs that read “Blue Lives Don’t Matter,” “Police Kill The Mentally Ill,” and “F**k the Police” as part of their calls to ban the UC Irvine police department.

The protest, which was organised by the UC Irvine’s Black Student Union, was in response to a talk organised by the university with Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, who was planning to speak on how we can solve problems of police brutality and racial tensions.

According to the university’s website, the event was to “bring together leading scholars and innovative practitioners to define the problem, identify challenges, and discuss possible solutions to this persistent issue.”

However, the university’s Black Student Union considered the discussion insulting, and consequently organised a protest outside the event.

As well as signs suggesting that the lives of brave police men and women do not matter, a video obtained by Campus Reform showed protesters chanting, “Rise up, resist, put those killer cops in jail, the whole damn system is guilty as hell,” as they created havoc for fellow students.

On the event’s Facebook page, a girl also advertised “official Black Student Union ‘F**k the Police’ T-shirts,” for $12 per shirt.

Ariana Rowlands, the head of the university’s College Republicans who organised a counter protest, claimed on her Facebook page that she had been assaulted by the protesters.

“College Republicans heard that Black Lives Matter was going to be protesting the LAPD Chief speaking at UC Irvine with the goal of abolishing the police and we came out to show that Blue Lives Matter too,” Rowlands said.

“We were assaulted, I was cut and pushed, they destroyed all of our signs but two, but we still felt it was important to show the other side of the discussion and stand up for rational discourse, civility and law and order,” she continued.

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