EXCLUSIVE: Voter App Reports 74% of Millennials Support Voter ID, 51% Support Border Wall

George Frey/Getty Images
George Frey/Getty Images

According to an exclusive report from the “Tinder for Politics” app Voter, around 74% of its Millennial-based audience support the requirement of an ID to vote, while 51% support building a border wall.

69% also support using the term “radical Islam” to describe ISIS — something which President Obama has frequently refused to do — while 59% oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The app, which has been covered by Tech Crunch, the New York Times, and Wired (who listed the app at #1 on its “6 Apps to Get You Through The Presidential Election” list), encourages users to swipe political questions either left (no) or right (yes) like the dating app Tinder, rounding up the answers to determine what presidential candidate, party, and influencer the user is most aligned to.

The app also features its own political compass, policy details about each of the candidates, and a section that reminds people to register to vote.

“We’re basically trying to inform people” said the app’s creator Hunter Scarborough during an interview with Breitbart News in July. “Everybody should have the ability to vote confidently. There’s so many information sources, so many conflicting places to get information. I didn’t personally want to vote on a soundbite from a news anchor or a soundbite from my uncle at the dinner table. I really wanted to know who these candidates are, and in the 21st century that information can and should be accessible.”

Voter is currently available for iPhone on the App Store and Android on the Google Play Store.

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