Top Social Networks Fail to Trend FBI’s Re-Opening into Clinton Email Case

Hillary Clinton

Several of the world’s biggest social networks have failed to trend the recent headlines surrounding a re-opening of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, currently dominating the news cycle.

Within the 24 hours following FBI Director James Comey’s announcement, Facebook’s trending section remained absent of any mention to the Democratic presidential candidate, opting for news on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Michelle Keegan, Nikki Haley, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame to trend instead.

Twitter’s “moments” news section also opted to stay silent, trending stories about a former Miss Universe, the transgender bathroom case, Joe Biden, and Tesla instead, despite current “trending” hashtags on Twitter including #GoHillary and “The Dangers of Donald Trump”a New York Times hitpiece that has been trending all morning.

Snapchat’s “Discover” news section included a CNN story on why Hillary’s “finally having fun”, a piece about Paris Hilton, and a large quantity of clickbait listicles, however there was no reference to Clinton’s emails.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed’s trending story section included pieces on ketchup habits, the 38 cutest animal-themed products, and women who tried to orgasm in three minutes.

Quoting Mike Krieger, a blogger for Liberty Blitzkrieg, ZeroHedge pointed out that although companies like Apple don’t explicitly endorse presidential candidates, “some of their executives – including CEO Tim Cook – actively support Clinton’s campaign”, adding that “Buzzfeed recently obtained an invitation to a private $50,000-per-plate fundraiser Cook is hosting for Clinton with his Apple colleague, Lisa Jackson, at the end of this month.”

In June, Wikileaks editor Julian Assange claimed that Google were “directly engaged” with the Clinton Campaign, a statement since confirmed by a series of leaked emails, adding that “almost certainly once Hillary Clinton becomes president, those people in Google, like Jared Cohen, will be placed into positions around the new Clinton presidency”.

Numerous reports have also concluded that Google has been manipulating search suggestions in Clinton’s favor, opting to remove negative but popular suggestions which still appear when searching for other political candidates.

Google have also been accused of manipulating the search results for “Jihad” in an attempt to spin the term positively, while the company openly endorsed Black Lives Matter in July, demanding “racial justice now”, alongside Twitter and Facebook.

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