Peter Thiel: Hillary’s ‘Eagerness’ for War With Russia Comes From ‘a Lot of Practice’

AP Photo/Jim Watson

Speaking at the National Press Club on Monday, PayPal co-founder and billionaire Trump supporter Peter Thiel claimed Hillary Clinton’s eagerness for a nuclear conflict with Russia comes from “a lot of practice.”

“We have been at war for fifteen years, and we have spent more than 4.6 trillion dollars. More than two million people have lost their lives, and more than five thousand American soldiers have been killed. But we haven’t won,” declared Thiel. “The Bush administration promised that 50 billion dollars could bring democracy to Iraq. Instead, we’ve squandered forty times as much to bring about chaos.”

“Yet even after these bi-partisan failures, the Democratic Party is more hawkish today than at anytime since it began the war in Vietnam,” he continued. “Harking back to the no-fly zone that Bill Clinton enforced over Iraq before Bush’s failed war, now Hillary Clinton has called for a no-fly zone over Syria. Incredibly, that would be a mistake even more reckless than invading Iraq. Since most of the planes flying over Syria today are Russian planes, Clinton’s actions would do more than involve us in a messy civil war. It would risk a direct nuclear conflict.”

“What explains this eagerness to escalate a dangerous situation?” Thiel asked. “How can Hillary Clinton be so wildly over-optimistic about the outcome of war? I would suggest that it comes from a lot of practice.”

“For a long time our elites have been in the habit of denying difficult realities. That’s how bubbles form,” claimed Thiel, adding, “Whenever there is a hard problem, but people want to believe in an easy solution, they’ll be tempted to deny reality and inflate a bubble.”

“Something about the experience of the Baby Boomers, whose lives have been so much easier than their parents or their children’s, has led them to buy into bubbles again and again,” he concluded. “The trade bubble says everyone’s a winner, the war bubble says victory is just around the corner, but these over-optimistic stories simply haven’t been true, and voters are tired of being lied to.”

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