Twitter Users Call on Donald Trump to Pardon Wikileaks’ Julian Assange

julian assange wikileaks

Numerous users on Twitter have called upon President-elect Trump to pardon WikiLeaks founder and editor Julian Assange as one of his first acts in office.

“Trump should really pardon Julian Assange. His forcing of transparency and fearlessness may have saved us from Clinton’s WWIII,” said writer Cassandra Fairbanks.

“#PresidentTrump please #PardonAssange,” wrote InfoWars reporter Joe Biggs.

Australian politician Pauline Hanson also expressed interest in the pardoning of Assange, writing, “I hope that in light of his great service towards freedom and truth President Elect Donald Trump will consider granting Mr Assange a full presidential pardon,” further describing the Australian-born Wikileaks founder as “an Australian hero.”

“Thanks to the many calling on Trump to pardon Assange,” posted the official Wikileaks account, after dozens of other users also joined in with the request for a presidential pardon. “Yet all that is needed is for the DoJ to do the right thing.”

Despite seemingly supporting Wikileaks’ recent release of emails from the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta, president-elect Trump has previously expressed a high level of distaste for former Wikileaks source and whistleblower Edward Snowden, calling him a “traitor” in 2013.

A petition has been set up following the election, petitioning president-elect Trump to pardon Assange. It has reached nearly 10,000 signatures.


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