Report: Failed Clinton Campaign Made Decisions Based on ‘Ada’ Computer Algorithm

REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File Photo
REUTERS/Carlos Barria/File

Hillary Clinton’s failed 2016 presidential campaign made decisions based largely on a computer algorithm named “Ada,” according to the Washington Post.

The algorithm, which was named after 19th century mathematician Ada Lovelace, is reported to have highly influenced Clinton’s presidential campaign.

“The algorithm was said to play a role in virtually every strategic decision Clinton aides made, including where and when to deploy the candidate and her battalion of surrogates and where to air television ads — as well as when it was safe to stay dark,” wrote John Wagner for the Washington Post. “The campaign’s deployment of other resources — including  county-level campaign offices and the staging of high-profile concerts with stars like Jay Z and Beyoncé — was largely dependent on Ada’s work, as well.”

The algorithm is also reported to have been held on a separate, private computer server, with only a select few people able to access it.

Like the MogIA AI system, which successfully predicted Donald Trump’s victory, Ada constantly took in and made its decisions based on public data, allegedly running “400,000 simulations a day of what the race against Trump might look like.”

Though Ada told the campaign that Pennsylvania would be one of the most important states to focus on, it never expected losses in Michigan or Wisconsin, the latter of which Clinton never even visited during the campaign.

Last week, Breitbart Tech reported that the AI system MogIA successfully predicted its fourth election, after also successfully predicting both the Democratic and Republican primaries, and the three prior presidential elections.

In October, MogIA’s developer Sanjiv Rai declared that Trump’s social media engagement had overtaken that of Barack Obama’s in 2008 by 25%, foreshadowing a Republican victory on November 8th.

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