Rice University Students Organize Group Hug to Cope with Trump Win


During a candlelight vigil event last week at Rice University, 150 students participated in a massive group hug in an effort to cope with Donald Trump’s victory in last week’s presidential election.

Students at Rice University organized the vigil in order to remind their peers that Rice “will continue to be a safe place” in Trump’s America.

Approximately 150 students gathered together and participated in the group hug, which occurred on one of the university’s main quads.

Female students at Rice University were also offered a “destress hour” by faculty members at the institution’s Women’s Resource Center. “Please take care of yourselves in this stressful time. The WRC will be holding a destress hour at 8 pm tonight in the Women’s Resource Center office. Drink water, go for a walk, take some deep breaths,” an email read.

The group hug at Rice University is just another in a series of campus coddling events that have occurred at universities across the United States in response to Trump’s victory in last week’s election. Students at Cornell University conducted a “cry in” event, in which students gathered together to drink Starbucks coffee and cry together over the results of the election. At the University of Pennsylvania, students were offered emotional support puppies and coloring books in an effort to help them cope with Trump’s rise to the White House.

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