Kirkland Woman Fabricated Sexual Assault Because She Was ‘Distraught Over Election’

University of Michigan

A woman from Kirkland, Washington has admitted that she lied and fabricated a story of sexual assault, claiming that she did so as she was “distraught over the recent election.”

According to statement from Kirkland PD, a concerned citizen contacted Kirkland Police Department after they saw a Facebook post from a woman claiming that she had been sexually assaulted and that the police had responded to the assault but chose not to continue an investigation into the case.

Kirkland Police Department had no record of any assault taking place and immediately located the woman in order to investigate the issue. “The Kirkland Police Department takes all allegations very seriously and the department conducted an investigation to locate the victim in an effort to bring light to the event,” Lieutenant Rob Saloum wrote on Friday in a press release.

Police officers located the unnamed woman at her workplace where when confronted, she admitted that she had fabricated the entire claim. There had never been any assault and she had never called Kirkland Police Office to report a crime. The reason the woman gave for posting the false allegation to Facebook was that she was “distraught over the recent election.”

“The Kirkland Police Department takes all calls for service seriously and are handled in a thorough and professional manner.” said Lieutenant Rob Saloum in a full statement. “Allegations of a sexual assault are always investigated and prosecuted to the full extent possible… False reports such as this can cast doubt on an agencies reputation. We would like to thank the citizens of Kirkland for their ongoing support and trust which they have placed on the members of the Kirkland Police Department.”

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