Drone Used to Track Down Robbery Suspects

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A drone has helped catch two suspected burglars in a short chase across the town of Tusla, Oklahoma, it has been revealed.

An eyewitness of the incident said that he was talking to a man with a drone before they both witnessed the break-in, where two men entered a restaurant to allegedly steal liquor.

As the suspects escaped, David Bell reportedly directed the drone to follow the two men as they escaped the restaurant.

However, the men did not realise that they were being filmed, and were consequently caught enjoying their allegedly stolen alcohol on a parked bench.

The owner of the restaurant, Libby Billings, revealed it was not the first time burglars had targeted her restaurant.

“Maybe they’re a little drunk or need a fix, I don’t know, but all three times, they’ve been caught because I have cameras,” she said.

According to local police, this is the first time a member of the public has helped the police make an arrest using a drone.

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