California Man Spends $1 Million of Embezzled Funds on ‘Game Of War’ Mobile App


A California man who pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly five million dollars from his employer admitted that nearly $1 million was spent on the popular mobile game Game Of War.

The BBC reports that Kevin Lee Co used company credit cards to embezzle approximately $4.8 million. Mr. Co pleaded guilty to the charges on Thursday of last week and official court documents revealed that almost $1 million of Lee’s embezzled funds were spent on in-app purchases for the popular mobile strategy game Game Of War.

Over approximately seven years, Mr. Co used company credit cards for his own personal gain, purchasing luxury cars and NFL and NBA season tickets. He even purchased plastic surgery procedures on the company cards and bought home furniture and golf club memberships according to Mr. Co’s plea agreement.

Mr. Co is not the first person to spend a large amount of money on Game Of War. It was estimated last year that the average Game Of War player would spend approximately $550 on in-app purchases, most of that revenue coming from the $52 boxes of in-game gold that players would buy. The two charges brought against Mr. Co carry jail terms of up to 20 years, he is due to be sentenced in May.

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