Barnard College to Offer 8-week ‘Social Justice Education’ Program

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The Associated Press

Barnard College, one of the premier women’s colleges in the United States, is set to offer an eight-week social justice education course that will cover “power, privilege, allyship, and identity exploration.”

“Through facilitated dialogue, we will focus on the ways in which identity affects systems, as well as our everyday lives,” states informational material for the program. “The ultimate goal of BLUEPrint is to allow students the space for challenging conversations by highlighting a multitude of voices and experiences of students on Barnard’s campus.”

The program, which is entitled “Barnard BLUEprint,” begins in February and will meet once a week for eight consecutive weeks.  The program is part of an overall initiative by the college, called Barnard BLUE, which is aiming to bring social justice education to the forefront of the efforts of the Barnard Student Life office.

Barnard spokesperson Alli Cook claimed that, “the office [of Student Life] considers “multicultural and social justice education” to be one of the many ways that the college pursues its mission to “foster a respectful and inclusive community on campus.”

Although the eight-week program will be new to the college in 2017, Barnard has offered social justice programming in the past. This semester they offered a program “Health at the Cost of Cultural Appropriation: Yoga and Zumba,” which argued that it was offensive for whites to take part in Yoga and Zumba because it originated in non-caucasian cultures.

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