Analyst: Microsoft Will Be First Company to Reach $1 Trillion Dollar Valuation

Microsoft posted a net profit of $3.8 billion as revenues dipped six percent to $21.7 bill

An analyst has predicted that Microsoft will become the world’s first company to reach a value of $1 trillion.

In an article for Equities, Michael Markowski said Microsoft will beat other competitors to the landmark valuation as a result of its recent acquisition of LinkedIn, which he predicts will grow exponentially in the coming years as more people turn to the site to build their professional profile.

Markowski also argued that Microsoft is now perfectly placed to capitalise on the rapidly growing crowdfunding market, with his “prediction that by 2025, it will rank in size and scope right along with the digital search and social media industries.”

Equity crowdfunding allows business to crowd fund investment from large amounts of people, with investors hoping for exponential returns on start-ups with high growth potential.

“The public has an insatiable appetite for making small bets and purchasing lottery tickets, etc., that provide the chance to make a big profit. The millennials will be a good example. Many will want to routinely invest $100 or even less into high-risk ventures that could produce returns of 10X to 100X,” Markowski wrote.

Microsoft stock prices reached record levels in October and are continuing to rise. The company is currently valued at $489.3 billion, behind only Google parent company Alphabet’s value of $549.7 billion and Apple, currently the most valuable company in the world, valued at $622.6 billion.

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