Bucknell Students Fight ‘Restroom Inequality’ by Demanding Free Tampons

tampon tax
Chris Hondros/Getty Images

Students at Bucknell University are fighting “restroom inequality” by demanding that all restrooms on campus be equipped with free tampon dispensers.

An article in The Bucknellian, the university’s student newspaper, detailed the efforts of Bucknell student activists who, this week, successfully did away with the $0.10 to $0.25 charge at tampon dispensers in bathrooms around campus.

“It empowers equality! Condoms are available at no cost for students on campus—which is a great thing—but why not tampons, too?” Bucknell’s Student Body President, Amanda Battle said. “Menstruation is not always predictable, and getting your period at an unexpected time can be very stressful, so if students are in an emergency situation and need menstrual products, BSG and President Bravman wanted that to be available for them at no cost and with no stress.”

The “Free the Tampon” movement, which is taking place on campuses throughout the United States, seeks to combat “restroom inequality” by providing students with cost-free tampons.

Free the Tampons is a national campaign dedicated to ending “restroom inequality and freeing the tampon.” The group believes that every bathroom outside the home should provide freely accessible items that women need for their periods. They contend that “women shouldn’t have to worry about an unexpected physical need becoming an overwhelming emotional ordeal.”

The initiative was driven by Bucknell student government member Meg Belinsky, who claimed that the response to the initiative has been “overwhelmingly positive,” and that “the University is really hoping that it takes off.”

“We really want to advertise this initiative to students so that they can take advantage of the amazing service. The movement is really spreading across the nation and it is pretty amazing that Bucknell is spearheading this initiative along with other top universities,” Belinsky said.


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