Boycott Targets Uber for Not Joining Strike in Protest of Trump Travel Ban

Kai Flaffenbach/Reuters
Kai Flaffenbach/Reuters

#DeleteUber started to trend on Twitter Sunday, following a call to boycott the ride-sharing service by pro-refugee celebrities and left-wing protesters.

The protest was launched after Uber did not participate in a strike organized by taxi drivers against President Trump’s temporary ban on travel from certain Middle Eastern countries.

Uber had announced in a since-deleted tweet that surge prices were temporarily halted in order to attract customers while other taxi companies protested and refused to pick up people from JFK Airport.

In response to the controversy, ride-sharing service Lyft donated $1 million to the ACLU, releasing a statement against President Trump and in support of refugees.

The boycott movement launched ride-sharing service Lyft to the top of Apple’s App Store, while Uber was bombarded with one-star reviews from protesters.

Several celebrities also joined in with the boycott and social media movement, including actors Mark Ruffalo, Modern Family star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, America Horror Story actor Denis O’Hare, #BlackLivesMatter activist and actor Jesse Williams, and feminist comedian Lena Dunham.

Uber attempted to remedy the situation by releasing their own statement against President Trump’s temporary suspension of immigration from certain countries, but was still repeatedly attacked by protesters who were not satisfied by the company’s response.

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