Google Lawyers Pressure Californian Senator To Oppose Appointment Of Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is sworn in for his Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing on his nomination to be Attorney General of the United States, on January 10, 2017

Lawyers for tech giant Google crowded outside the offices of Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein in an effort to convince her to oppose President Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

In a tweet sent out by Priya Sanger, Products and Payments Counsel at Google, Sanger wrote “#GoogleLawyers at #SenFeinstein ‘s office asking her to oppose #JeffSessions for #AttorneyGeneral (phones not working, not taking chances)”

The image featured approximately 13 alleged Google lawyers all appeared at the offices in an effort to pressure Californian Senator Dianne Feinstein into opposing the appointment of Jeff Sessions to Attorney General. Sanger tweeted that they couldn’t reach Feinstein by phone so chose to make an attempt to talk to her in person. “Popular outcry may have made answering machine full.” wrote Sanger, But Senator just tweeted she hears her constituents loud and clear. Hopefully that means she’s voting no”

Google has recently been quite vocal about their active opposition of the Trump administration, Google employees and executives held rallies at Google offices across the United States on Monday in protest of President Trump’s temporary travel halt from nations associated with terrorism. One of the rallies had Google CEO Sundar Pichai speak out against the temporary travel halt alongside Google CEO Sergey Brin.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google’s parent company Alphabet,  stated in one of the company’s end-of-week meetings that President Trump’s administration would continue to do “evil things as they’ve done in the immigration area.” Schmidt reportedly told employees that the “tone of this government is very much economic growth.”

He stated, “I think at the end of the day, they are going to do these evil things as they’ve done in the immigration area and perhaps some others. But the core focus is going to be to get the growth rate in the country — which is roughly one-and-a-half to two percent — up another point by simply pushing through increases in federal spending and overcoming the Tea Party.”

Silicon Valley tech companies such as Google may soon see their relationship with the Trump administration even further strained as President Trump is reportedly set to announce reforms of the H-1B visa system (heavily used by tech companies) according to a report from Bloomberg Tech.

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