Nevada State Senator Calls for Bill to Prohibit Microchipping Humans


Nevada state Senator Becky Harris (R) has called for the introduction of a bill designed to prevent the forced microchipping of people.

Under Senate Bill 109, the microchipping of a person with a radio frequency identifier, like the ones used to track animals, would be considered a felony. Speaking to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, Harris said, “As I began to look into the issue, I was surprised with the merit that I believe the issue warrants.” Harris also spoke of the increase in sales of radio frequency identifiers.

Harris said that the sale of these identifiers was on the rise worldwide and that as of June 2016, an Australian company had sold more than 10,000 implantable chips along with an implant kit allowing buyers to fit the chips without medical intervention.

“Each kit costs about $100 and includes a tag and an injection tool,” she said. Harris also stated that companies in Belgium and Sweden use the technology to identify employees, saying, “It’s done under the idea to unlock doors or use copy machines or maybe pay for lunch, you could use your hand.”

Harris clarified that the bill would not prohibit voluntary microchipping, “It wouldn’t prohibit the voluntary decision of a person to be microchipped,” she said citing the example of a nightclub in Europe that offers a microchipping service to customers who wish to receive tailored service.

There was very little opposition to Harris’ proposal, however, some questioned the potential uses of microchipping, such as in the cases of dementia patients. “Some Alzheimer’s patients wander away,” said Jonathan Friedrich of Las Vegas, who questioned if the technology could be used to track them down.

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