Wellesley Student Newspaper Threatens Students Who Do Not Conform to Progressive Values

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The editors of The Wellesley News, the student newspaper of Wellesley College threatened their peers who refuse to conform to the campus’ progressive orthodoxy, in a column that was published this week.

Students at the all-female Wellesley College, the alma mater of both Hillary Clinton and Madeline Albright, are threatening their peers who refuse to tow the progressive line in a recently published column in the student newspaper.

As a part of a wider conversation on hate speech on campus, the student editors of The Wellesley News penned a column ironically titled “Free Speech is Not Violated At Wellesley,” that claims that students who “refuse to adapt their beliefs” will be treated with hostility by their peers.

This being said, if people are given the resources to learn and either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs, then hostility may be warranted. If people continue to support racist politicians or pay for speakers that prop up speech that will lead to the harm of others, then it is critical to take the appropriate measures to hold them accountable for their actions.

The editors begin the column by registering their belief that free speech is not infringed upon at Wellesley College. This is followed by a passionate commitment to ending hate speech on campus.

They eventually claim that they would prefer to educate their intellectually-troubled peers rather than scold them.

It is important to note that our preference for education over beration regards students who may have not been given the chance to learn. Rather, we are not referring to those who have already had the incentive to learn and should have taken the opportunities to do so. Paid professional lecturers and politicians are among those who should know better.

The column quickly spread around social media. Many users expressed their concerns over the Orwellian-attitude of the student editors.




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