Purdue Professor Argues Images of Aborted Babies Are ‘Child Pornography’


A professor at Purdue University argued that images of aborted babies constitute “child pornography” in a recent debate over abortion rights.

Professor David Sanders, an associate professor of Biology at Purdue University, accused pro-lifers who use images of aborted fetuses of participating in “child pornography” activities.

Sanders remarks begin at 38:00.

In what was likely an ill-conceived attempt to call pro-lifers hypocrites, Sanders argued that the public display of dead fetuses is akin to child pornography. His reason? No one obtained the permission of the fetus.

“He thinks fetuses are children, and he belongs to an organization that likes to show images of fetuses,” Sanders remarked.

“What would you call the public display of a butt naked body of a child?” Sanders asked. “I would call it child pornography. Do they have their permission? Do they have the permission of the fetus? Obviously not.”

Sanders’ debate opponent, pro-life activist Seth Drayer, responded in a statement to The Liberty Conservative: “The displaying of images of dismembered preborn children in public have long been considered protected political speech by federal courts where displaying child pornography is a criminal act punishable with up to 30 years’ maximum in prison.”

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