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UW Madison Student Claims Racism over Burnt Toast


An Asian student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has submitted a bias incident report in response to receiving a burnt piece of toast at the school’s cafeteria.

According to documents obtained by the online campus watchdog site, the College Fix, an Asian female enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, submitted a bias incident report claimed that she experienced racial discrimination when a male employee served her a piece of burnt toast.

“It’s nothing serious, but I feel I need to get this out of my mind,” the student’s report reads. “Around 2pm afternoon last Friday, I went to Gordon Market to grab some late lunch, and got french toast from one of the male kitchen staffs there. I don’t know why but he gave me a clearly quite burnt toast among all other breads that were not burnt. I was so shocked but I couldn’t say anything and just accepted it. I am a female Asian student.”

The student who submitted the complaint about the burnt toast added that she rarely witnesses discriminatory behavior on campus. She added that she hopes that no other student is subjected to the type of burnt toast “discrimination” that she experienced at the hands of the cafeteria worker.

Another bias incident report filed by two Asian female students claimed racial discrimination over a student who they alleged would “glare at both of us and then continue to proceed on her phone.” The incident, which took place in the university’s library, made the two females students feel “unsafe, uncomfortable, and paranoid,” according to their report.

“There was a white female student that kept making glares at me and another student,” the report reads. “She would glare at both of us and then continue to proceed on her phone. This proceeded for 2 hours. Both me and the victim were Asian American women. I don’t know if race plays a part in it. Though this event was small and seemingly insignificant, it made me and the other victim feel unsafe, uncomfortable and paranoid. We did not approach this person.”

The student added that the glaring “incident” made her feel unsafe on campus: “I don’t feel safe on campus. I don’t feel safe studying in an environment that should be inclusive and welcome to all. … I wouldn’t report this if it didn’t have a significant impact on me.”

Tom Ciccotta is a libertarian who writes about economics and higher education for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @tciccotta or email him at


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