Report: Northern Arizona University Asks Students to Check Their ‘Pee Privilege’

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images
Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

New signs placed outside restrooms at the Northern Arizona University are asking students to check their “pee privilege.”

The initiative is reportedly an effort to bring attention to transgender individuals who may feel unwelcome when entering a restroom. Various signs have reportedly been posted around the Northern Arizona University campus, according to Campus Reform, reminding students to be mindful of the needs and experiences of students of all gender identities.

The signs claim that transgender individuals experience much higher rates of verbal, sexual, and physical assault. “Keep yourself accountable to make sure they’re safe from others,” one sign reads.  “Don’t stare, this person is probably aware that they don’t fit into either restroom,” another sign adds.

“Do you have pee privilege?” one sign reads. The sign defines pee privilege as “never [having] to think about gender identity, ability, or access when peeing.”

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