Portland Bar Offers ‘Free Whiskey for Life’ to Customers That ‘Punch Steve Bannon’

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

A bar in Portland, Oregon has offered a lifetime supply of free whiskey to any customer that punches White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

A patron of the Paydirt Bar in Portland, Oregon recently posted a photo of one of the bar’s receipts to Twitter, noting that the bottom of the receipt featured the proclamation, “Punch Steve Bannon, Get Free Whiskey For Life.” The tweet, which earned thousands of likes and retweets, has since been deleted, but a photo of the receipt can be seen below and a link to an archive of the tweet still exists.

The Paydirt Bar has a history of posting anti-Trump messages to their various social channels. A tweet from the bar’s Twitter account in 2015 links to an Instagram post which reads: ” “Tonight’s whiskey pairing: ‘Thanksgiving Dinner Conversation With Your Racist Uncle About Donald Trump’ (a shot of Wild Turkey 101 and a cold tall boy of @olympia_beer) #paydirtbar #pdxdrinks #movingtocanada


Breitbart News reached out to the Paydirt Bar to ask why it is that they offer prizes for the assault of Steve Bannon and whether or not they had offered similar prizes for other political figures. In response, a representative for the bar stated:

The text is a series of comments that we leave at the bottom of our receipts. We change the receipts nearly daily and they touch on all sorts of politicians on both sides of the aisle, plus (mostly) our beloved Portland Trail Blazers. We’re surprised as anyone that these image went viral since it’s clearly a joke. We went private on all our accounts since after this happened we were inundated with a series of very serious death threats.

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