Public University of Illinois Spends $60 Million on Diversity Initiatives

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The public University of Illinois has spent $60 million for diversity initiatives according to a recently published report commissioned by the university.

The diversity budget, which is broken down into several spending categories, is allocated to the university for the purpose of advancing their goal of expanding racial and ethnic diversity on campus.

Over 80 percent of the diversity budget is allocated for financial aid, which will likely be used to fund the education of those students admitted into the university via affirmative action programs.

The report argued that the university’s diversity spending is somewhat excessive in that much of the spending on programming could be avoided altogether to avoid redundancy. The report argues that several diversity committees on campus have ““similar, if not overlapping, roles” yet fail to collaborate together to increase efficiency.

The university provided a line-item breakdown to the online conservative campus watchdog site, The College Fix. The budget is broken down in the following way for the 2017-2018 academic year:

  • 44,627,500 (74%) earmarked for Financial Aid;

  • $13,042,582 (22%) for Faculty Recruitment and Contention;

  • $1,000,000 (2%) for Graduated Student Support;

  • $928,955 (2%) for OFCCP-Required Activities, Diversity Training and Advocacy

  • $310,000 (1%) for Title IX office;

  • $513,110 (1%) for Other UG Initiatives.

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