Verified Twitter Users Defend Fired Viewpoint Diversity Author James Damore, Criticize Google

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

There was no shortage of verified Twitter leftists who came out in support of the firing of Google employee James Damore after he expressed his own views about diversity at the company, but there were also many prominent Twitter users on Damore’s side.

Following Google’s firing of viewpoint diversity manifesto author James Damore, a broad group of prominent Twitter personalities took to the social media platform to decry Google’s actions. This notably did not only include conservative voices, but also liberals such as Bret Weinstein who are concerned about the state of free speech in America. We’ve collected a selection of tweets which represent the mood of the platform today.

Markus “Notch” Persson – Game Developer, Creator of Minecraft

Julian Assange – Founder and Editor of WikiLeaks

Christina Hoff Sommers – Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institution

Eric Weinstein – Managing Director at Thiel Capital

Toby Young – British Journalist, Associate Editor of The Spectator

Michael Tracey – Correspondent to The Young Turks

David Sutcliffe – Actor

Mollie Hemingway – Journalist and Commentator

Conor Friedersdorf – Staff Writer at the Atlantic

Dana Loesch – Author, Commentator, Radio Host

Dr. Ian Pearson – Futurologist

Sean Davis – Co-founder of The Federalist

Geoffrey Miller – Psychology Professor

Cathy Young – Journalist

Steven Crowder – Commentator, Actor, and Comedian

Ian Miles Cheong – Journalist

Bret Weinstein – Biology Professor

Paul Joseph Watson – Commentator

Lauren Southern – Bestselling Author, Commentator, and Activist

Derek Hunter – Contributing Editor at the Daily Caller

Jack Posobiec – Author, Commentator, and Activist

Brittany Pettibone – Author and YouTuber

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